Rescue is only the beginning

Rescue is just the first step toward a life of freedom

A child’s continued safety and healing journey is just as important as the act of rescue. The process of keeping her free starts immediately after her rescue by meeting whatever needs she has to allow her to take the first steps toward freedom. After rescue, a survivor’s next steps are determined based on his or her unique situation including the vulnerabilities that lead to exploitation and local legal procedure. A survivor’s next steps follow one of three paths:


Enrolment in an individualised Destiny Rescue Freedom Plan™  implemented in a Destiny Rescue-run residential home or through our Community Care program, which enables the child to live at home while participating in our services. Freedom Plans include health checks, trauma resilience training and economic empowerment solutions.


Reunification with family, which may include international travel, accommodation curation and assistance with legal documentation. In some cases, we can follow up with survivors in the months after reunification.


Entrusted to government agencies and their standard processes, or another local organisation offering appropriate services. Follow-up in these circumstances is limited as organisations and governments work to protect children and their privacy.

Ensuring her freedom

Freedom Plans™

A Freedom Plan is Destiny Rescue’s comprehensive tool to guide and document the recovery and reconnection process for survivors who enter our care after rescue.

See freedom in action


Our reintegration programs are sometimes executed in collaboration with other organizations.

I am thankful for this opportunity I got to train and learn so much about myself. I wish everyone who is behind this training program, the most special blessings. Thank you for your concern that has helped girls like me to get better opportunities in life.

Southeast Asia