Child Sex Trafficking

One of the world’s largest and darkest enterprises

the facts

Over 1 million

children are exploited by commercial sexual exploitation


of children trafficked are from the Asia Pacific region

$99 billion

is generated by sex traffickers each year – that’s average of $11 million every hour

Why is this happening in our world today?

Due to the insidious nature of child sex trafficking, the true impact is extremely hard to quantify.

“Child victims of commercial exploitation are particularly difficult to detect. The true figure is likely far higher than the current estimates.”

– International Labour Organization report, 2017


Greed and the brokenness of this world create a demand for the sale and purchase of human bodies.


Socioeconomic, psychological and physical factors can expose vulnerabilities in an individual, family or community.


Using force, fraud or coercion, traffickers take advantage of a child or community’s vulnerabilities to meet the demand for sold sex and profit off it.

Her Dreams Shattered

Life at home was difficult for Praya. Dropping out of school at a young age, she followed the advice of friends and found work in a bar to support her impoverished family. Her dreams shattered, including having a career as a flight attendant.

With customers considering it their right to sexually abuse her, Praya felt ashamed, dreaded each new day and wanted to give up on life.

Destiny Rescue agents found Praya working in the bar and extended an offer of freedom, but there are over a million more children enduring exploitation every day. Will you send rescue?

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