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To kick off Season 2, we are featuring Tony Kirwan, founder of Destiny Rescue. A listener reached out to me last year and suggested that I highlight his story. Destiny Rescue is a nonprofit organization that focuses on rescuing young girls out of the sex trafficking industry, providing rehabilitation services and vocational training. January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so I felt it was fitting to highlight the work of Tony and his organization.

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Child Sexual Exploitation And Slavery

It’s a scourge on modern society. Millions of children around the world are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation with little hope for freedom. We bring freedom. We shine a light in the darkness.


This is the crucial first step. Children are bound either by physical chains or psychological ones and our rescue agents’ job is to bring the girls out of darkness. Posing as customers, they seek to win the child’s trust before making an offer to take them to a safe rescue home.


If Rescue is the starter’s gun, then Restoration is the marathon. This is where the long yet joyful healing process begins. Rescued children are taken to safe houses where they sleep safely, receive education, vocational training, counseling and healthcare, spiritual guidance and, most importantly, love.


We strive to bring children out of darkness, but we’d rather they weren’t there in the first place. We have Prevention Homes in different countries where we care for at-risk children – often siblings of rescued girls – until they of age to find safe employment or higher education.


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