Thailand is a beautiful country known for its villages, temples, buddhas, and irresistible beaches.

The country, nicknamed the Land of Smiles, values warm community and family.

Population: 68M

Capital: Bangkok

TIP: Tier 2

Child Rescue funds the work of an established anti-trafficking organisation in Thailand with over a decade of experience. We empower rescue agents to find and rescue children from sex trafficking mostly through covert rescue but also raids.



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Sex trafficking
and exploitation

in Thailand

Thailand is a tourist hotspot, but sadly, about 31% of tourists do not come to embrace its culture but exploit it via its sex industry. The sex industry, which is currently being restricted by Covid-19, is in urban red-light districts and rural areas. Children caught up in this industry are victims of sex trafficking in Thailand.

The sex industry is moving online too. Pimps market and sell children on social media platforms. Of survivors rescued via covert missions in 2021, 63% were found on the internet.

Often, sex-trafficked children in Thailand are trying to fund their education.

“Ninety-nine per cent of the girls never want to be in this situation,” one of our rescue agents says.

In 2022, we accomplished:







Latest rescues in Thailand

The girls are now free after multiple rescue efforts across three countries in Southeast Asia.
Eight men were rescued from an international labor trafficking ring in Thailand during a raid.
Multiple operations over the course of a single month led to the rescue of 31 children.

Our work in Thailand

Covert Rescue

Our rescue agents go undercover in brothels, bars and on the streets to find children being sexually exploited. Once found, we build trust with them and offer a way out.

Raid Rescues

Our rescue agents identify child sex trafficking victims and gather the evidence needed to build a legal case against their traffickers. We then, along with local and federal law enforcement, coordinate a sting operation to rescue the children and arrest perpetrators.


The online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) has exploded in recent years. Using cutting-edge software and innovative investigatory methods, our agents are rescuing children even as perpetrators are located and prosecuted.

Family Reunification

When safe, we reunite children with their families or community. We also assess each child’s needs to determine if they need further care.

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We operate rescue and reintegration programs in multiple countries across the world. Learn more about our mission to help end child sexual exploitation and trafficking in our lifetime. 

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