Host a jewellery party

Jewellery parties can be hosted by anybody, anytime, anywhere!

 Whether it is you and your friends at home, at a community hall or at church, you have the freedom to customise your party!


Educate your community about human trafficking, while providing a fun and exciting opportunity to support Child Rescue’s mission.

Because of your jewellery party, more children will be freed from the sex trade.

Plan & Prepare

Set a date and invite your friends to your party. We will send a jewellery kit directly to you.

Host Your Party

 Share the Child Rescue story of rescue, hope and freedom while selling jewellery.

Follow up & Finalise

We will provide instructions for how to manage donations and leftover jewellery.

Start your fundraiser today!

Since being at [Child Rescue], I feel at peace. This place feels like home. Everyone here is very friendly and I am so grateful that I have food to eat every day. I am now learning computer skills, which I really enjoy.