This is one of many success stories we have involving children we rescue. When a sponsored rescued child is reintegrated, they leave our program to begin a new life. Prior to leaving, the child will write a letter to his or her sponsor to express gratitude and to tell their sponsor of their future plans. Lawan, now 19, from Thailand, left our program after completing our restoration program, education and further training. Here is Lawan’s final letter to her sponsor:

Dear Sponsor,

Now I have finished my course to become a Medical Assistant and I have left the Rescue Home. I am going to go and live in a different place. I am now working at a pharmacy and I get a good salary. My life is so much better now. A long time ago, when I had just finished high school, I had to work at a karaoke bar because my family was very poor and I decided to go out and work to help my parents. My friend invited me to work with her. While I was working there I saw many men who lied to their wives because they wanted to get happiness for themselves.

Some of the girls at the bar got pregnant but nobody wanted to be responsible for their babies, and some girls had HIV. While working at the bar, it was very dangerous for my life and I always saw men who fought when they were drunk and they hurt the girls. Some guests had weapons such as guns and knives. Situations like this always happened.

When I came to Destiny Rescue Foundation, I felt like this place is my new home. They helped me, gave me a chance to study and they gave me a new life. I was able to get a good education too which has improved my life. Destiny Rescue helped me with everything. I found the light and then I could follow my dreams. I have better options now and I have a stable job.

While I stayed at the Rescue Home, the staff always took good care of us and gave us good advice, especially when they taught us about God’s story. I learnt about how our God loves us so much and we have to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. In the house I knew and met many new friends, although we all come from different places, we stayed at the same place and had to work together. I really appreciate Destiny Rescue for helping me to get a good job, so that I don’t need to go back to a dangerous workplace again.

Thank you very much and I hope God blesses you



Lawan’s story was made possible not just by her rescuers, but by the generosity of someone who funded her rescue, her child sponsors, volunteers and many other supporters of Destiny Rescue.