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Thank you fighting for freedom. You’re now a part of a worldwide team that is helping to rescue and restore the sexually exploited. You’ll receive regular updates on the impact that your generosity is enabling and the lives changed because of you.

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Support the NZ team

Your partnership is crucial

Help grow our team in New Zealand by supporting our operational costs. This will create a ripple effect that will help bring freedom to exploited and trafficked children in our project nations across the world.

Your financial assistance will allow our team to execute plans, expand our impact, and send speakers to teach New Zealand audiences about the child sex industry.


We are a family, supporting each other and growing towards our goal.

We need your help to keep our operations running and expanding here in New Zealand.

The more Kiwis we can reach, the more we can help kids who are desperately waiting for somebody to rescue them. Your donation today will have a lasting impact. Please invite a like-minded friend to join with you.

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