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Dominican Republic

With its white sand, crystal clear water and breathtaking mountains, the Dominican Republic is the most visited island in the Caribbean.

But the nation’s booming tourism motivates human traffickers to find and sell poor children in its sex trade.

Population: 10M

Language: Spanish

TIP: Tier 2

Agents works cases involving child marriage, sex trafficking, labor trafficking, rape and kidnapping in the Dominican Republic. 

Our team works alongside the Dominican Republic’s law enforcement. Together, we not only rescue people but arrest perpetrators too.

Sex trafficking
and exploitation

Dominican Republic

Sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic can exist in sex establishments, streets, parks and even on beaches, according to the United States Department of State, a brange of the US federal government.

Children can be trafficked to the Dominican from its neighbouring country, Haiti. Thousands of children journey to the Dominican every year – some of which are walking into the hands of traffickers. 

But through raid and covert rescues, Child Rescue offers these children, and adults, freedom from trafficking and a new, brighter future.

In 2022, Child Rescue’s anti-trafficking efforts alongside police saw:







Latest rescues in the Dominican

14 children were rescued in the Dominican Republic.
It was a valiant, collaborative effort alongside our partners in law enforcement in the Dominican Republic to help these survivors achieve freedom from abuse. Their rescue culminated in 16 cases being closed by Dominican authorities, with 16 perps arrested!
Our team assisted law enforcement with survivor interviews, suspect surveillance and logistics.

“It is not only about rescuing the girl. It is about changing her life.”

Dominican Republic rescue agent

Our work in the Dominican Republic

Raid Rescues

Our rescue agents identify victims of child sex trafficking and child sexual abuse and gather the evidence needed to build a legal case against the perpetrators. We then, along with local and federal law enforcement, execute operations to free victims and arrest offenders.

Post Rescue

Once rescued, we work with the country’s government to ensure we meet the child’s immediate needs before reuniting them with their family or helping place them in the caring hands of a like-minded organization.

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We operate rescue and reintegration programs in multiple countries across the world. Learn more about our mission to help end child sexual exploitation and trafficking in our lifetime. 

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