32 rescued at the border of Nepal

Among those rescued were two cousins, Kasmitha* and Tanavi*.

Not long ago, 21-year-old Tanavi met a 33-year-old man through some relatives. They exchanged numbers and talked now and then. After learning she never finished school and was jobless, he offered her a job with a salary that matched her father’s just over the border.

Tanavi was excited about this and said she would ask her parents. The man insisted she come without telling anyone. He told her she should find friends looking for work and bring them instead.

Tanavi invited her 15-year-old causing Kasmitha to come along and together they snuck away from home at 4am.

Thankfully our staff questioned them at the border and they were rescued before their trafficker could gain complete control of them in a neighboring country. *names have been changed to protect identities

Rescue Update Archive

19 rescued from labor trafficking in Asia

Over the month of July, 17 men, a young woman and one 12-year-old boy, were rescued from labor trafficking in two Asian countries where we work.

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While we continue to focus on rescuing sexually exploited children, our efforts can lead us to discovering and assisting victims trapped in other forms of human trafficking.

66 souls rescued at the Nepal border

66 people, including 24 children, were rescued over the course of June and July in Nepal.

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One of the women rescued had her 4-year-old daughter with her, who could have suffered the same fate as her mother. Two brothers, just 9 and 14 years old, were also rescued from a man claiming to be their uncle. To read about what happens if traffickers make it over the border with their victims, read more on our blog.

Operation in Thailand rescues six girls

The children, all between 15 and 17 years old, were rescued in a single operation from sex trafficking.

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We’ve been strengthening our ties with Thai law enforcement agencies so we can continue to save more children more efficiently. To read about our recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government, follow this link.

Two girls rescued during Nepal raid

Two girls, both only 14 years old, were rescued during a sex trafficking raid in Nepal.

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The raid not only resulted in freedom for these two brave survivors, but also in the arrest of one perpetrator thanks to our partners in law enforcement.

Four young children rescued from online exploitation in the Philippines

A recent raid led to the rescue of two boys and two girls, all under 13 years old. The youngest girl was only 5 years old.

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Three suspects were arrested for exploiting these vulnerable children online. The online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) is a growing problem. Read more here.