12 Nepali Women Rescued from Airport

12 Nepali women were rescued in the nick of time.

The women, all between 20 and 45 years old, had all been deceived by the same lie: good jobs were waiting for them out of the country. To avoid detection and travel fees, the victims were transported separately to a neighboring country’s airport. When our agents discovered the plot, we acted quickly alongside police to rescue the women before they could be trafficked out of Nepal.

The primary trafficker, a woman cloaked behind fake IDs, escaped for the time being, but her accomplices were identified.

If reports from other survivors are any indication, these women would have faced up to 20-hour days of hard, unpaid manual labor and sexual abuse. Read more about how traffickers deceive their Nepali victims here.

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9 Rescued from Sex Trafficking in Asia

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Two of the survivors, both 18, chose to join their 17-year-old friend when we offered to usher her out of exploitation in a bar. All the survivors have been enrolled in Freedom Plans.

Four entered Residential Care, where they stay in our homes and five entered Community Care, where they stay with family or guardians while both groups attend our programming. For a better understanding of how Freedom Plans work, learn more here.

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Three young men are now free from harsh forced labor.

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Three young men were victims of a growing international trend in labor trafficking: they were forced to work in abysmal conditions in call centers, before our agents found and rescued them. Each has been safely returned to his home country.

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9 Children Rescued in Kenya

Nine children no longer face sex trafficking and exploitation in Kenya.

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The rescued children include eight girls between 14 and 17 years old and one 12-year-old boy. The kids, all enrolled in Freedom Plans, are working with our compassionate team to forge new, stable lives free of exploitation. To hear from a survivor in Kenya, click here.

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Five children and one 18-year-old were rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia.

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