Barely a month after her sixth birthday, Bri was rescued by our rescue agents at the Nepal border this October.

Bri’s parents were poor and had left her in the care of relatives while the parents were away as migrant workers in another country.

Her aunt and uncle abused her mentally and physically, beating her and sometimes denying her food. Late last month, they began a journey and told Bri they were taking her to her parents. As the trio attempted to leave Nepal, our border agents stopped them for an interview.

In the interview, the aunt and uncle told agents that Bri was their sickly daughter. Her guardians claimed they were traveling to take her to a doctor appointment.

Our agents were not convinced. 

They took the child aside to ask her a few questions and saw bruises all over her small body. She informed agents that she was, in fact, not their daughter and that her relatives were taking her to see her parents.

Agents contacted her parents who revealed they were not made aware of any travel plans. At this news, agents brought Bri into our temporary safe home to wait for her parents. Her relatives were sent to the police station.

When her father arrived and asked her what had happened, Bri relayed the events and also said she overheard a phone conversation.

Will bring the baby in two hours,” Bri heard her aunt say. 

Her father thanked us for saving his daughter. He did not press charges because the incident was within the family and he feared community shame. Bri was sent home with her father where her family will receive follow up calls from our caseworkers in the months ahead.