Our international rescue teams bring their expertise to another country in Latin America, raising our total country count in the region to three.

Here, our rescue agents work undercover to find children trapped in sexual exploitation and gather evidence to bring to police.

“We use similar methods as in other countries,” Bruce, our rescue manager says. His team does investigations and works with police.

We do a lot of fishing, searching for minors being sold, and mapping of new establishments,” he says.

Agents have found children in bars and being trafficked by street pimps. “You won’t usually see kids on the streets, but their traffickers will offer options and prices,” Bruce adds.

Dangerous work
Our work here began almost one year ago as agents initiated conversations with key members of government agencies. About six months after taking these first steps, our first rescue mission in collaboration with law enforcement was completed successfully.

To date, multiple successful missions have rescued more than a dozen people, including four children. The next steps for survivors are managed by local government agencies.

Our work in this country is extremely dangerous and exact location details will remain undisclosed to protect everyone involved.

Although many details about our work here must remain unpublished, our commitment to fighting the injustice of sexual exploitation in this Latin American country is no less vivid than in our other rescue nations. There are vulnerable children being used and abused in dark places. We will do all we can to find them and bring them to freedom.

Considering the future Bruce says, “This project will move slower than most. However, we will continue supporting the trafficking police in this country and are hopeful that we will be successful in our efforts to rescue more abused kids.”

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