It took extensive planning and skilled teamwork. On an unassuming February night, our teams and law enforcement executed four raids in immediate succession.


Jan 2020 – Teams gathered intel on two pimps and two establishments. All four selling minors for sex. Cases are opened and the operations are underway.

Precursory briefings establish mission arrest targets:

  • Pimp selling individuals, including minors, for sex operating within a hotel. Rescue targets: Multiple teenagers. Youngest appears quite young. Exact ages unknown.
  • Street pimp selling minors for sex. Rescue targets: Four teenaged girls. All look well under 18. Exact ages unknown.
  • Two spas, both front businesses for the same-sex trafficking ring.
    Rescue target: 15-year-old girl being sold and exploited along with other girls and women in the spas.

Operation Timeline:

5:30pm – Destiny Rescue agents arrive at police headquarters.

6:00pm – Officers, agents and social workers meet for a briefing on the four cases and the initiatives planned for the evening. Four separate operations need to happen flawlessly and in succession for the night to be a success.

7:12pm – After over an hour of preparation the team prays together and departs to their assigned locations.

7:19pm – Team dispatched to local restaurant. Rendezvous coordinated with pimp.

8:08pm – Team confirmed on premises. Support team on standby nearby and out of sight.

8:43pm – Undercover operatives in the restaurant give the signal. Support team, including both police and case workers, responded immediately.


1 arrest
4 minors rescued
ages confirmed to be 14-17 years old

8:57pm – Team en route to the next location, a hotel. Rendezvous coordinated with pimp. Their support team waits nearby to jump into action once the signal is given.

9:56pm – Team confirmed in the target area. On standby, support team in position.

9:57pm – Operative engages with pimp. The signal is given. Backup team responds. Caseworkers assist six survivors, four are confirmed as minors.


1 arrest
6 rescued
4 minors ages 13-17 years old, two adults ages 19 and 29

10:21pm – Teams gather for the final briefing.

10:32pm – Teams divide into A and B. Both en route to the final two spa locations.

10:53pm – Both teams confirmed in staging areas for simultaneous spa raids.

11:32pm – Undercover operative enters Spa Location A. 15-year-old rescue target is confirmed on premises.

11:39pm – Operative gives the ‘go’ signal to both teams. Teams in both locations move in. Officers facilitate arrest and security while caseworkers assist the survivors.


1 arrest
Location A: 9 rescued – 1 minor, age 15, and 8 other adult women – ages 20+
Location B: 12 young adults rescued – ages 18-24



4 successful operations
31 girls and women rescued
3 alleged traffickers arrested

Well done team!