Our Border Rescue agents are strategically positioned to intervene along the path of exploitation. Partnering with Border Patrol Police at key crossing locations, these agents are trained to identify potential victims of harm and trafficking.

In some instances, trafficked individuals are completely unaware of the dangers they are about to encounter, and our pre-emptive rescue interrupts the deceptive process. This was the case for all three of these girls:

Rani* is only 12.

From a poor farming community, she had never attended school, instead staying at home to help her mother. Agents and police brought her to our safe home after receiving a report from a local man who had heard her cries at a park near the border. She had been tricked by a young man in her village and brought to the border where, he and one of his friends robbed and raped her. Because of her courage to give her testimony to police both men were identified and arrested. Rani’s family was contacted and they were reunited. Rani and her family have received counsel on the risks of human trafficking and she is now safely living at home.

Garima* is 16.

She had dropped out of school to find work. After meeting her perpetrator through Facebook, he claimed there was work available in his city. She didn’t have any details about the alleged job, and no passport. He had also tutored her to conceal the truth about her travels if she was questioned at any point along her journey. Border agents noticed Garima and after an initial interview she revealed the truth and was rescued.

Aashi* is 20.

Her father is a farmer, providing for a family of 7 on about $140 per month. Desperate for money to complete her nursing training, Aashi was looking for work. Her friend had a Facebook friend from a neighboring country, who said he knew of a company with jobs available. He implied that Aashi and her friend could make good money. The girls didn’t realize this company was a scam, luring people to work for little or no pay. Our intervention team informed the girls, and brought them home to their families. Several months later, the authorities shut down the corrupt company. All the workers who were being held with threats and debt were released. When we followed up on Aashi and her friend, they are both doing well and have found jobs in clinics in their area. They thanked us for stopping them at the border and preventing a critical situation.

Each of these girls is now safe and supported because of our Rescue Partners, volunteers, and dedicated staff.

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*Names and identifying details have been omitted or changed for the protection of those involved. At Destiny Rescue, we respect survivors of sexual abuse and their rights to dignity and anonymity. So while these stories are true, client names, locations and images are changed or obscured to protect their privacy. Thank you for understanding.