Our frontline agent reports amid Government ordered closures

Several nights ago, I was out doing reconnaissance work in an area heavily occupied by ‘hostess bar’ style brothels. As I walked down a familiar street I noticed it was quiet and dark, so dark I was struggling to see ahead. I looked for street lights but saw none. Then it dawned on me that it was the brothel lights that would usually light up the whole street!

As I moved closer to the heart of the red light area it became busier, and although the lights were still off, there was a hum of activity as brothels continued to operate behind closed doors. This was soon confirmed when I met two English tourists who just came from engaging in sexual services at a nearby establishment. A day prior, one of them had lost his grandmother to COVID-19 but he was glad that the virus also meant he could get sex at half price!

Although we are grateful that current circumstances have slowed the demand and flow of trafficking, for now, I suspect desperation and greed will cause the industry to morph, adapting to limitations but continuing to exploit young women and children. Our team continues to monitor the situation and operate within the public restrictions.