The Dateline Team from Australia’s SBS television channel recently joined our Founder and President Tony Kirwan, our rescue team and local authorities on highly dangerous raids in the Philippines, giving viewers a rare insight into such rescue operations.

SBS also provided insight into the aftercare operations provided by an NGO named Preda, which also operates within the Philippines. The story shows Preda offering unique aftercare rehabilitation to survivors of trafficking and exploitation, which it facilitates, as stated by Preda through:

Helping them heal by encouraging them to cry out their pains through emotional expression therapy. The deeply buried emotional pain and suffering they hide inside is opened and brought out. The emotional pain is eased and the anger is removed and psychological healing can begin.

Destiny Rescue applauds organizations working sincerely to fight against child sexual exploitation, and we acknowledge that results can be achieved using different techniques. However, the methods portrayed by Preda as shown in this Dateline episode are not endorsed by Destiny Rescue nor do we refer any of our clients to Preda following their rescue. Our Destiny Rescue teams work diligently to ensure any referrals made to outside aftercare service providers are in alignment with our values and with the methods of trauma-informed care our specialists provide within our organization.