Be inspired by these quotes—and share them with your friends so they can join the fight against child sex trafficking, too. Every person who’s aware of the issue of child sexual exploitation is another person who can help end it.

Ten More Inspiring Quotes on Human Trafficking and Freedom:

To help someone in the sexual exploitation, the person needs to understand very well from the girl, their reason for going into the sex business and address the exact need.”


Survivor from Uganda

They are all accustomed to the nighttime, bar lifestyle. They didn’t sleep. They were expected to drink alcohol every night. They were forced to sit with and please customers. Most are conditioned to believe that this lifestyle is normal. That is what they are supposed to do.”


Destiny Rescue Caseworker in Thailand

I can’t think of a fight more worthy of fighting; this is a fight worth taking as many hits as it takes to win. Each of these kids is worth it.”

Tony Kirwan

Destiny Rescue Founder 

Some families don’t care about their children. They don’t care about her or her well-being. They just care about money. It doesn’t matter what she does, how she is treated, or what happens to her body as long as there is money.” 


Destiny Rescue Agent from Thailand

The issue of trafficking and exploitation is all around us. We all must be aware and we must be willing to do something. If it were a member of our family we would be upset. Let’s be upset for all children.” 


Destiny Rescue Agent, Thailand

When they touched my body it made me feel sad and angry. I was told to smile and they forced me to pretend it was okay. I couldn’t do anything about it. I just had to accept it.”


Human Trafficking Survivor from Thailand

Human trafficking is the third most prolific, heinous crime in the world. I have a heart to stop human trafficking and save many Nepali sisters’ lives from being trafficked.”


Destiny Rescue Agent in Nepal

They are normal children prior to coming to the bar. But once they are in that place, they break when customers begin to touch and abuse them. They become completely different people.”


Destiny Rescue Agent, Thailand

Most girls are not going back to the bar after rescue. And they know that they never want to go back. Staying out means they are breaking the generational cycle of bar work, abuse and exploitation.” 


Destiny Rescue Caseworker in Thailand

Parents don’t care about where their kids are going to work … ‘Just send me money back.’ Many guys were touching our bodies … Why do they have to? Because I don’t want to.” 


Human Trafficking Survivor from Thailand

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