Accountability & Integrity 

We value transparency

Integrity is not a word taken lightly at Child Rescue

The battle we fight results from men and women acting in egregious opposition to integrity as they exploit young lives for a profit or to gratify their twisted sexual desires.

To fight such distortion of humanity, we must, in all avenues, maintain integrity stronger than the corruption of our opposition.

Integrity is the bedrock of our rescue teams.

Our rescue agents work in teams, with other agents or law enforcement, for safety and accountability. Agents, rescue managers and other team members are in constant communication throughout the process of a rescue operation.

There are no lone rangers in Child Rescue operations.

Qualifying a victim

Agents follow specific criteria to qualify a rescue operation as official. If the target or situation does not meet the criteria – even if aid was rendered – the operation is not counted or reported as a rescue.

Information to qualify an operation is always corroborated by video evidence and/or more than one witness. In instances where law enforcement is involved, a police report is required to verify details of the operation, including any arrests.

In a border rescue, an in-depth interview is used to determine if a situation is a trafficking event in play.

Rescue verification
After a target is qualified as a victim and a rescue operation takes place, there is a final step before the rescue is officially counted.

Given the volatile nature of trauma, a survivor’s case file is put on hold for seven days. (This does not mean care is on hold.) If the child hasn’t returned to a situation of exploitation after a week, the operation is an official rescue.

A case record for each rescued person is created in a secure, internal database where rescues are batched. We also report the numbers internally each week.

Public reporting of rescue
Using verified reports, rescue updates are assembled as drafts for public announcements. Before publishing them, each update passes through approvals to ensure the protection and anonymity of the survivors and operatives.

Child Rescue aims to continue providing accurate and timely rescue updates.

As our vital work expands and evolves, our classification and reporting processes get vetted, updated and automated wherever needed.

We are committed to open reporting.

From start to finish, our rescue and reporting processes are governed by policies to ensure integrity and establish trust. The people involved in each step all share a heart to protect and serve children. After seeing through the entire process, sharing a rescue update is one of our favourite ways to celebrate the victories made possible by our dedicated staff, volunteers and generous donors.

Our organization is built on trust

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