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Fund a Future

You can fund an individual child’s journey through our Fund A Future program for $6000 or break it down and fund one individual aspect.

Fund the rescue of a child out of the sex-trade for a one-time donation of $1500. This is the average cost it takes to free a child from sexual slavery or exploitation and put them into a safe home. Equip us to go into the darkness and pull one precious child into the light.

Fund the restoration of a child for a one-time donation of $3000 or the reintegration of a child for $1500. These are the average costs it takes to rehabilitate, educate and care for a child in one of our safe homes and to equip them with the strength and skills to pursue safe employment and live a hope-filled life.

Please enter the number of children you would like to help rescue, restore and/or reintegrate. We are a registered charity with overseas donee status (CC50751). All donations over $5 are tax deductible. (For more information on how the funds are used to rescue a child, check out our FAQ section.)