43 girls and women rescued in Nepal as travel restrictions relax

Just under half of those rescued at the border met their trafficker during lockdowns over the past two months.

Agents monitoring border checkpoints are seeing an increase in travelers as the country’s COVID-19 travel restrictions relax. Traffickers continue to leverage social media to find and deceive their targets.

Among those rescued were a 21-year-old and her two-year-old daughter. They were being trafficked by a man she met on Facebook during lockdown the month prior. He had promised her a job and instructed her to lie to anyone who questioned her as she crossed the border. Both she and her daughter have been safely reunited with their family.

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16 Women and Girls Rescued Along Nepal’s Border

16 women and girls, one only 13 years old, were rescued along the border of Nepal.

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Six border stations were involved in rescuing these precious lives.

Traffickers routinely use deceit and false promises to lure victims across the border, but our trained agents are skilled in spotting signs of exploitation. Thanks to their efforts, most victims are rescued before abuse even occurs, just like these 16 individuals!

31 girls, most under 14 years old, rescued in South Asia

31 girls no longer have to sell their bodies to survive.

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Some of these young girls were forced to sell themselves just to buy food. While the oldest was 17, most were under 14 and the youngest was only 10 years old.

All of the girls have begun the healing process in our community care program, where they will be provided with food, counseling and training to help their families become financially independent so the younger girls can attend school. To learn more about our holistic approach to empowerment, read more about community care.

22 children rescued in Uganda

22 girls between 15 and 17 years old have been freed from sexual exploitation.

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We are celebrating the freedom of 22 courageous teens! 16 entered our residential care home while the other six joined our community care program. All will receive regular health checks and food packs as they start the healing process through our dynamic Empower trauma counseling program.

The counselors show incredible empathy in their care of each survivor – their compassion helps soothe injured hearts. As they recover, survivors will learn valuable skills to help them stay free as they progress through their individual Freedom Plans.

23 girls and young women stepping into freedom in the Philippines

Efforts in collaboration with law enforcement rescued 23 survivors of sex trafficking, including four minors, and facilitated the arrest of three alleged perpetrators.

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After we received a tip that girls and young women were being sold for sex by a pimp in a southern region of the Philippines, agents began collaboration with local law enforcement – our first mission ever in this region.

The operation was the result of months of hard work and case building. We worked alongside police to provide undercover surveillance, intelligence gathering and on-scene support during the raid.

Our social worker collaborated with the Filipino Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) team and assisted in the support of survivors immediately after rescue.

Four rescued at the Nepal border

Border agents intercepted the girls and young women, ages 17 to 22, as traffickers attempted to lure them out of the country.

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Two of the survivors were cousins; their trafficker had promised them well-paying jobs in a neighboring country.

One survivor was being trafficked by another girl she met playing an online game.

All were reunited with their families and taught about the dangers of human trafficking.