Help Get the Word Out

Do you like being Social? Do you own a business or personal website or manage one? If the answer is yes, then you can help get the word out about child sex slavery and be part of the solution.

More and more people in our technology-driven world are using the internet and social media to search for and find information and connect with friends and family.  At the click of a button, people can be inundated with information on any given keyword search or find friends they haven’t talked to in years. Because most of us are going to the web to find information these days, it’s essential to have a web presence where people can find out “who we are” and “what we’re about” – whether it’s a website or various social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

With that said, we at Destiny Rescue, believe in spreading our vision of ending child sex slavery in our generation through online avenues. We know and understand we can’t do it alone. We need partners with like-minded hearts that will help us share our message through the internet.

Get Social!

With over 500 million Facebook users and millions of Twitter users, social media has become a very important way for people to communicate and stay connected with their audiences. It’s fast, simple and, most of all, it’s powerful.

Destiny Rescue is looking for people that believe in our mission to share links to our website, our blog posts, news articles and stories about children we’ve rescued via social media networks and to “Like” our organisation on Facebook & Twitter. The more people that can get the word out and raise awareness about human trafficking and its negative impact globally and the more people that can get behind the work that Destiny Rescue is doing to combat it, the better.

Website owners

If you own a website, you can partner with us by copying the Destiny Rescue link/widget and placing it on your site. Then, when people visit your site, they’ll be able to see our logo, and those curious can “click” on it. This will then direct them to our website, where we’ll be able to tell our story effectively.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the damaging effects of sex-trafficking and share how Destiny Rescue is making a significant difference in the lives of children and families we’ve rescued and protected worldwide.

Powerpoint Backgrounds

Film Clips

Please click here to go to our Vimeo website to download all our promo clips.

If you’re interested in “Getting The Word Out” for Destiny Rescue, “Like” us on Facebook and Twitter and start sharing our story with everyone you can think of!

Together, we can end child sex slavery in our lifetime!