Freedom for the season


For us in New Zealand it’s all about spending time with our families at this uncertain time.

While right now across Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and other countries where sex trafficking is rife, under 18 year old kids are stuck with their traffickers, moving to underground networks, online pimping and dangerous visits to private accommodation.

You can set a different child free every year by funding one rescue a year.

IRD NZ refunds 33% of your annual charitable donations against your personal tax.

So for every $1500 rescue in year one $500 can be returned. Re-donate this $500 in year two and following years to rescue the next child for $1000 – less than the cost of a daily cafe coffee.

Complete the form below or call us on 021 870 159 to make one $1500 donation or $125 per month to rescue one child in a year.

When you click ‘RESCUE NOW’, you help girls like Chariya’s (video on right hand side) out of slavery and into freedom.

Disclaimer: Child Rescue reserves the right to re-direct funds received to any area of our work if an urgent need arises.