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The current situation in the Philippines

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The Philippine archipelago, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is a prominent Southeast Asian country situated in the western Pacific Ocean.

Its population of almost 100 million is spread across 2,000 inhabited islands, with the majority living in several metropolitan cities.

While prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, it has long been known for internal trafficking of men, women, and children for domestic servitude, forced labor, forced begging, prostitution, and sexual exploitation.

Trafficking and prostitution of children is a widespread problem. The Philippines is also a hot spot for local and international paedophiles. 

Police arrest figures rank the most frequent offenders by nationality as: American, Japanese, Australian, British, German, Swiss, then others.

Filipino children are especially vulnerable and in desperate need of help because sex trafficking is often driven by a family’s economic status.

Today, 22 million Filipinos (more than 1 in 5), struggle to meet their daily needs. More than 30% of children live on less than $1.55/day.

Child sex trafficking often occurs in the clandestine enclosures of private residences, where knowing taxi drivers facilitate arrangements for sex tourists. It has been reported by both government and non-government agencies that a growing number of Filipino boys are victims.

Equally disturbing is the increasing danger for very young children who are victims of Internet porn. In clandestine locations they are forced to perform sex acts for paying viewers online.

The Philippines government is trying to eradicate the problem, but the issue is huge and they need our help.

Both the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) and National Police of Philippines ask Destiny Rescue to assist with raids working with police anti-trafficking units across the nation. 

While the rescue work takes place in red-light districts and is dangerous, Destiny Rescue’s Philippines team, supported by funding through Child Rescue NZ is on call to find and rescue children seven days a week. 

As a result, there are more opportunities to rescue children than resources.

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April 3, 2020

In February, our teams, in coordination with multiple law-enforcement agencies, executed an operation that rescued a 2-and-a-half-year-old boy from a life of continued sexual exploitation.

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