Destiny Rescue’s new border stations set to stamp out trafficking in Nepal

New border stations opening and further expansion planned soon!

Rescue surge: 33 people rescued across four countries in four days

A survivor’s tip leads to 20 rescues and a 12-year-old girl is saved from a group of three traffickers at the Nepal border, these are just some of the incredible rescue stories that are a part of this particularly encouraging surge of rescue!

Rescue agents in two countries team up on notorious trafficker

Three girls left home without telling anyone where they were going, if not for the collaboration of two teams of rescue agents, they could have been gone forever.

Abolition is our vision

Child Rescue’s vision is to play a leading role in stamping out this global crisis in our lifetime. But how can this Goliath-sized issue be knocked down?

The Most Rewarding Job: Meet Subin

Meet Subin, one of our amazing community-care caseworkers in Thailand.

The girl who rescued herself: Malee’s story

Malee heard about Child Rescue from her close friend, next, she made a decision that would change the path of her life forever.

Debunking classic myths about child sex trafficking

What does child sex trafficking really look like in Southeast Asia? An interview with a seasoned rescue agent sheds light on the realities and some surprising truths.

On the run: Survivor helps three girls escape their traffickers

Diya and her 11-year-old daughter stepped into new lives of freedom in November of last year. Today, three more children have escaped their traffickers and are safely in our care because of Diya’s bravery and quick thinking!

International Day of the Girl Child 2020

Child Rescue sees the daily hardships girls face and is standing alongside them to fight for their freedoms and opportunities.

Families are Not Forgotten

A second wave of food deliveries brought hope to 150 families

Never give up: agent finds missing child

Two months ago, Calina* vanished without a trace from her home city in southeast Asia. 

Mother and Daughter Rescued at the Border

With the promise of love and marriage dancing in her mind, Nepal woman Kaya was embarking on a journey to a new country with her supposed fiance.