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Fourteen-year-old girl safe because of agent’s creativity

Rescue agents normally go undercover, run surveillance or interview travellers at a border to rescue exploited children, but occasionally they must get creative or, in this case, musical.

Church partnership extends reach of community care

Thailand reintegration team, funded by Child Rescue, is partnering with a church in northern Thailand to bring our empower and health education program to survivors enrolled in community care.

The art of undercover rescue in Cambodia

It is near impossible to rescue a girl from sex trafficking in Cambodia, yet our rescue agents continue to do it. What then is their secret?

Celebrate her journey | International Women’s Day 2021

Together, we celebrate the efforts and achievements of the strong women and girls in our midst.

Philippines raid followup: survivors finding justice

Check back in on a case from December 2020.

From civil war to the pandemic: explore Nepal’s struggle to fight sex trafficking

Learn more about the situation in Nepal and our strategic efforts to fight trafficking at the border.

Traffickers try new tactics to exploit two girls

Agents are up against new challenges as traffickers pull out all the stops hoping to sneak girls across the border and into a life of exploitation.

Pandemic job loss: impact on human trafficking

Millions of people worldwide are sexually exploited each year by either being sold for sex, forced to marry a stranger or abused by a family member. This is a crisis that is expected to worsen in the wake of Covid-19.

Celebrating 751 rescues in 2020

The global sex industry is an adaptable evil. As it evolves to feed an unabated demand around the world, our organisation is continuously facing new challenges to fight child sex trafficking.

Destiny Rescue’s new border stations set to stamp out trafficking in Nepal

New border stations opening and further expansion planned soon!

Rescue surge: 33 people rescued across four countries in four days

A survivor’s tip leads to 20 rescues and a 12-year-old girl is saved from a group of three traffickers at the Nepal border, these are just some of the incredible rescue stories that are a part of this particularly encouraging surge of rescue!

Rescue agents in two countries team up on notorious trafficker

Three girls left home without telling anyone where they were going, if not for the collaboration of two teams of rescue agents, they could have been gone forever.